Current Product Lines



Acme Ice Cream: NW Local Ice Cream Pints

Afters Ice Cream: West Coast hand crafted unique Ice Cream Pints

Dream Pops: Frozen Bars and Bites-100%Plant Based

Dukes Seafood: NW Frozen Chowders and Soups

Dove / Snickers: Dove Bars, Snicker Bars and Ice Cream Novelties

Elevated Ice Cream: NW hand produced quarts Ice Cream

Essentials Baking Company: NW Frozen Pizza Dough & GF Pizza Dough Balls

Full Tilt Ice Cream: NW Ice Cream / Fruit Bars; all natural. Pints / 3pks /Fruit Bars

Golnazar Ice Cream: West Coast all natural, unique, good for you Pints

Ice Queen: NW Plant based frozen Bars 

Hello Robin: NW Frozen Cookie Dough

Iswich Gourmet: Hand crafted gourmet Ice Cream Sandwiches

Lopez Island: NW Ice Cream Pints & Tubs, All Natural

Molly Moon's: NW Handcrafted Ice Cream-Pints and Cups

Naia - Bar Gelato: 3pk Gelato bars

Nico's Ice Cream: NW fresh fruit New Zealand Ice Cream Cups   

NW Wild Foods: NW Raw, Wild & Organic IFQ Berries and Dried Fruits 

Otis Spunkmeyer: Frozen cookie pucks

Panetto PizzaFrozen Bulk Pizza Crust & NW Gluten Free and Vegan Pizzas

Pizza'zza: NW Local Artisan Pizza Dough Balls

Renata Pizzas: NW Artisan Wood Fired Pizzas and Crust

Remlinger Farms: NW Frozen Fruit, Berries & Homemade Pies

Rojo's FamousPancake Sandwich: NW Pancake Breakfast Sandwiches

Snoqualmie Ice Cream: NW Local all natural and organic ice cream, custard, gelato and sorbet

Street Treats: NW Olivia Ice Cream Cookie Bites 

Sunfresh Freezerves: NW Frozen Freezer Jam

The Pastry Project: NW Frozen Cookie Dough Packs

Tutta Bella: NW frozen packaged pasta and homemade sauces

Upside Down Ice Cream: NW Flavors of Premium Ice Cream Pints

Whidbey Islands Ice Cream: NW Natural Ice Cream Pints, 3pk Bars, Singles & Tubs

Whidbey Pies: - NW Frozen, hand made whole ingredients Pies

Wild Crow: NW Frozen hand made, whole ingredients pies

Xinca Foods: Authentic Salvadorian Frozen Food   


Bakery / Bread 

Flax 4 Life: NW GF Flax Muffins, Cakes, Granola and Cookies

Honey Mama's: NW Single Origin Raw Cacao Nectar Bars 

Jack's Paleo Kitchen: NW Paleo Cookies, Trail Mixes and frozen Cookie Dough

Olivia Superfree: NW Gluten Free Bread & Dessert Products

Seattle Bagel Bakery: NW Kettle Boiled Clean Bagel Products and Breakfast Sandwiches

Silver Hills: NW Sprouted Organic Grains, Bread and Bagels


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Our Mission

"Our mission is to market and distribute great locally produced frozen products to our customers, utilizing our exceptional, full service direct store delivery team."

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